The first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in the fight against Climate Change. Creating value by incentivizing environmentally responsible businesses and sharing the results through our Coins.

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Our Mission

Futurexcrypto is a new decentralized internet where you own your data and apps run locally without remote servers.

Futurexcrypto is an open source project with core developers and contributors located around the world, from New York City to UnitedKingdom.

Futurexcrypto is a Public Benefit Corp

Futurexcrypto is an open-source project and a decentralized network. For the past years, one company, Futurexcrypto Inc, has taken the lead on protocol development. We plan to have many independent individuals and companies operating on the network and taking on greater roles in the protocol’s development. We will release more details on governance structures and potential independent entities that can provide a degree of neutrality and balance to the protocol developed in the long run.


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FxC will empower students across the globe with blockchain technology

Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience, FxC will offer students the opportunity to earn income and sharpen their skills while enriching their resumé, all within FxC's blockchain-based ecosystem of networking, compensation, rewards, and incentives.


Students all over the world find themselves short on cash during their academic period, and are looking to earn additional income and gain experience while still in school.


Fxc will enable students to earn a stable income with their free time, enriching their portfolio and engaging with digital currency, many for the first time.


Fxc merges the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancer-centric bidding sites with the Blockchain, creating the first Hybrid Blockchain Project that allows for peer-to-peer connection with employers and students


Fxc is a Semi-Decentralized platform, using both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

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Escrow & Audit

Our Escrow Agents will be a part of our Of Our FXCrypto Coin partners, Mr.Thevananthajothy responsible for the Auditing and Allocation of the futurexcrypto Coin ICO sale

Thevananthajothy ARUMUGAKADAVUL

Founder & CTO of Coin Market.

FxC AlphA Decentralized Platform

Blockchain allowed us to build this great application that removes the need to blindly trust server administrators. Thanks to its transparent properties, we now have strong Authentication, Identity, Verifiability, Voting, Reputation and micro-transactions for our Payments and affiliates fees distribution.


Road Map

Have a look at our future milestones.